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Anna-Mari Kähärä Film music showreel

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Ruthless Times - Songs of Care (2022) 


Director: Susanna Helke

Composer: Anna-Mari Kähärä

Script: Susanna Helke and Markku Heikkinen

Producer: Timo Korhonen / Road Movies LTD

92 mins.

Songs of Care is a documentary film with choral scenes juxtaposed with documentary episodes, capturing with its dark humor and poignant moments, the experiences of those working in the field: a care worker is blacklisted for revealing malpractices in her unit, the retirees of a remote municipality witness the privatization of their care services, robots roam the halls of care homes and nurses are relegated to remote-care call centers. The care-workers’ anonymous testimonies are composed into choir songs; elderly citizens sing impudent songs playing with the economic jargon of our time. 

Film review:


The film is on Yle Areena until 29.4.2023:

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